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The classic daffodils have one flower per stem and are placed in Division 1 or 2: the trumpet is relatively long in Division 1 and relatively short in Division 2.
    Division 1, e.g. Beersheeba   Division 2, e.g. Bryanston
To determine which division you are looking at, you should bend the uppermost petal forwards to touch the trumpet: if the petal is as long or longer than the trumpet then you have Division 2, if the petal is shorter than the trumpet, then you have Division 1.
In Division 3 the trumpet is even shorter (not more than 1/3 of petal length) and typically the trumpet is described as a bowl rather than a cup.
        Division 3, e.g. Agora
Borderline cases exist between Divisions 1 and 2 (trumpet and petal lengths roughly equal), and between Divisions 2 and Divisions 3 (trumpet about one third of petal length).
These are included in both sets of pictures in this web site, but formally each cultivar is always placed in a single division, no matter how borderline the relative sizes of petal and trumpet.
    Tibet, technically D2    
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