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The double daffodils (D4) are mutants with multiple sets of petals and/or trumpet segments.
    Division 4 (e.g. Crackington)   Division 4 (e.g. Gresham)
The split-corona cultivars (D11) have no cylindrical trumpet, but the corona segments are petal-like and either placed opposite the petal (D11a, Collar Daffodils) or as (typically 6) petal-like segments alternating with the petals (D11b, Papillon Daffodils).
    Division 11a (e.g. Cassata)   Division 11b (e.g. Sorbet)
Divisions 5-10 are for cultivars derived from distinctive-looking species of Narcissus.

D5 are like N. triandrus, D6 like N. cyclamineus, D7 like N. jonqilla, D8 like N. tazetta, D9 like N. poeticus and D10 like N. bulbocodium.

You should try to learn the jizz of these 6 groups of cultivars...

        e.g. Curlew (D7 W-W)
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